Sunday, February 28, 2010

Moving On

Hello anybody who happens to still have this on RSS.

I've decided to take another shot at blogging, but there have been a few hurdles and any new content will not be able to be posted here.

In their finite wisdom, Blogger has notified me that they will no longer allow FTP transfers of blogger templates and posts to outside servers. So I have notified my sysadmin husband that I need a new solution. Old posts will remain available for viewing here until such time as the internet eats them or I find something better to put up on this domain.

New posts on the Muse Medicine topics will be found on my personal blog, along with my writing and life stuff. Based on my continuing health saga, I will not be able to promise quick turn around or that I will be able to answer every question. I'll give it my best though. If you've got a medical, human body, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, anatomy, or other related question or if you just want to talk to somebody who has an understanding of those things about the possibilities, you can still reach me through the new blog.

You can find Arizela's Blog at and I'd love to see questions there for Muse Medicine topics.



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