Monday, November 24, 2008

VISION: Written in Blood

A few years back, before I had this wonderful blog as a place to dump all my writerly nursing advice and medical error pet peeves, I wrote an article for a great little e-zine called Vision: A Resource for Writers. (My first sale for actual cash!)

The article was called Written in Blood, and I think many of you might enjoy a look at it. It addresses some of the common myths and misinformation found in novels and hollywood/TV filmography about blood, bleeding and the human body, including some information about how to describe blood in a sensory fashion - sight, taste, touch, smell.

blood spatter photo

You can find the Written in Blood here:

Also, browse through the current edition of Vision here: The archives are available at the bottom of the screen and are well worth a look - they are truly a wealth of writing wisdom.



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